Free list of 100+ essential business German vocabulary

According to our poll, 22% of the German learners out there learn it to either work or study in Germany. That’s why this time I decided to give a free treat to those looking to step up their business German. I compiled a free list of 100+ words and phrases that will help you feel much more comfortable when discussing your work, writing an email, setting up a meeting or anything business in general. The list is free and no sign-up required.

Business German topics covered

  1. Work and search for a job
  2. Arranging and postponing meetings
  3. Writing emails
  4. Entrepreneurship and freelance vocabulary
  5. “helper” words and phrases

Sample words

Teilzeit arbeiten - work part-time

Example: Ich möchte ab Januar Teilzeit arbeiten, um an meinem Nebenprojekt zu arbeiten.
Example translation: I want to work part-time from January to work on my side-project

das Einzelgespräch - 1x1 meeting

Example: Regelmäßige Einzelgespräche zwischen Managern und unterstellten Mitarbeitern
Example translation: Regular one-on-one meetings between managers and subordinates

 an den CEO berichten - report to the CEO 

Example: Wir arbeiten in einem kleinen Unternehmen und ich berichte direkt an den CEO
Example translation: We work in a small company and I report directly to the CEO

Get the list now. It’s free and no sign-up is required.

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