Best 20 German courses in Berlin

Here is a list of top 20 German language schools in Berlin ranked from affordable to high-end. I curated each school, the quality of their teaching based on student reviews, their websites and many other criteria to pick the top German-language schools and courses in Berlin.

German courses in Berlin
Berlin architecture – Learning German in Berlin is an awesome experience!

How this list is organized?

  • Schools are grouped by pricing – cheap (up to 300 Eur per month) or high-end (more than 300 per month).
  • Each school comes with its name, address, description, course types, prices, and a link to its website

Cheap German courses in Berlin

GLS German Language School
Address: Kastanienallee 82, 10435 Berlin
Description: Learn German in Berlin with us and you´ll learn with the best: The GLS German Language School in Berlin has been honored 5 times with the Star School Germany award, i.e. as one of the best language schools in Germany

German Courses:

  • General courses – from 140 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Business courses – from 625 Eur for 4 weeks

Address: Warschauer Str. 36, 10243 Berlin
Description: Our language school offers a variety of different German courses that all have one aim: having fun while learning a new language! Our teachers are native speakers who love teaching their mother tongue with all its linguistic subtleties. We teach in small groups of six to eight people and it’s all taking place in our modern and stylish rooms.

German Courses:

  • General courses – from 115 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Intensive courses – from 200 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Visa courses – from 259 Eur for 4 weeks

Anda Sprachschule
Address: Rigaer Str. 104, 10247 Berlin
Description: German school in Berlin for fast and affordable German courses. Learn German in Berlin in your friendly German school in Berlin-Friedrichshain. In our courses, students are our first priority. The teachers who lead our international and German language lessons in Berlin at the Anda German school are all experienced native speakers who really enjoy their work.


  • General courses – from 165 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Intensive courses – from 440 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Conversation course – from 90 Eur for 4 weeks

DeutschAkademie Sprachschule
Address: Alexanderstraße 9, 10178 Berlin
Description: Every year, more than 5000 participants opt for one of our outstanding German courses in Berlin. At our German courses in Berlin, you will quickly make progress, have a great time and learn with the best teachers. That’s guaranteed.


  • Visa courses – from 300 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Intensive courses – from 225 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Conversation course – from 112.5 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Grammar courses – from 112.5 Eur for 4 weeks

Humboldt-Institut Berlin
Address: Invalidenstraße 19, 10115 Berlin
Description: The Humboldt-Institut has been welcoming students to its language school in Berlin since June 2014. The school offers modern classrooms, a language laboratory, a spacious common area, and comfortable student rooms. A special highlight is the rooftop terrace with panoramic views of Berlin. The institute’s central location in Berlin-Mitte and excellent transit connections put a large number of sights within easy reach.


  • Evening courses – from 280 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Intensive courses – from 1220 Eur for 4 weeks

did deutsch-institut Berlin
Address: Novalisstraße 12, 10115 Berlin
Description: Our institute is housed in a modern building in the centrally located district of Berlin Mitte. The school is only a few-minutes-walk or a short tram ride from the city center and in just 15 minutes you’ll be at the Brandenburg Gate.


  • General courses – from 740 Eur for 4 weeks Intensive courses – from 880 Eur for 4 weeks

DAS Akademie
Address: Torstraße 125, 10119 Berlin
Description: In our language school, students benefit from a skilfully designed educational concept: Cherry-picked teachers, interactive classrooms and great group dynamics. Our superior language courses for adults and children are offered on all levels from beginner (A1) to advanced (C2)


  • Evening courses – from 198 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Intensive courses – from 445 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Conversation course – from 170 Eur for 4 weeks

Address of location 1: Torstraße 117, 10119 Berlin
Address of location 2: Jansastr. 9, 12045 Berlin
Description: We help expats and new arrivals get settled in Germany and provide premium German classes in Berlin. Over the years we have helped thousands of expats learn German, get a visa, get a work permit, register their address, get health insurance, find a job, find a flat, deal with taxes and much more. We provide these services at very affordable rates and truly feel that we make a difference in our community.


  • General courses – from 240 Eur for 4 weeks

Kapitel Zwei. Deutsch-Sprachschule
Address: Am Köllnischen Park 1, 10179 Berlin
Description: We are able to offer you the right location, the right German course, the right price, the right atmosphere to learn German in Berlin. You will be improving your German language skills step by step. Rest assured that you will have a great and productive time in the German capital.


  • Intensive course – from 220 Eur for 4 weeks
  • telc exam preparation – from 122 Eur for 4 weeks
  • conversation course – from 82 Eur for 4 weeks

Nativa Akademie
Address: Bredowstraße 29, 10551 Berlin
Description: Great atmosphere, family environment, just the right course size. With your future language school in the heart of Berlin, in the middle of Moabit, you will learn new languages at lightning speed and have so much fun.


  • Intensive course – from 320 Eur for 3 weeks
  • Semi-intensive course – 320 Euro for 3 months
  • Conversation course – from 115 Eur for 4 weeks

Address: Bötzowstraße 26, 10407 Berlin
Description: we offer German courses at all levels. Small groups encourage fast progress. We also find you good value accommodation, organize a leisure program for our German course participants and help those who are new to the town to find their feet here. Tandem Berlin is more than just a language school!


  • General courses – from 360 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Evening courses – from 148 Eur for 4 weeks
  • telc exam preparation course – from 245 Eur for 4 weeks

LOGO Sprachenschule
Address: Wichertstraße 67, 10439 Berlin
Description: We offer small teaching groups, with no more than 10 students per class, and usually 4-8.


  • Intensive visa course – from 620 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Evening courses – from 136 Eur for 4 weeks

sprachart BERLIN
Address: Großbeerenstraße 82A, 10963 Berlin
Description: At sprachart BERLIN we believe that effective learning in a FUN and ENJOYABLE atmosphere which encourages speaking and active participation in class will bring the best possible learning results. Combined with structured teaching plans and our dynamic, motivated, experienced and fully certified German teachers you will make progress faster due to a learning process that is efficient, interesting and lots of fun!


  • visa courses – from 322 Eur for 4 weeks
  • conversation course – from 102 Eur for 4 weeks
  • conversation course – 82 Euros (if you combine with an intensive or superintensive course)
  • intensive courses – 210 Eur for 4 weeks

Language Mafia
Address: Kranoldpl. 7, 12051 Berlin
Description: Small groups with six to eight, up to ten students, highly qualified teachers and a place to feel at ease in Berlin Neukölln. No long corridors, no sterile classrooms – your German course is held in a creative and artistic atmosphere.


  • Intensive visa course – from 235 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Evening courses – from 105 Eur for 4 weeks

THE NEW SCHOOL – Language School
Address: Gieselerstraße 30A, 10713 Berlin
Description: If you prefer learning in small classroom sizes and being taught by dedicated and experienced teachers, then let DIE NEUE SCHULE be your choice for a language course. Check out our website to see what we have for you!


  • Intensive visa course – from 420 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Evening course – from 140 Eur for 4 weeks
  • telc exam preparation course – from 500 Eur for 4 weeks

BSI Language School Berlin
Address: Hauptstraße 159, 10827 Berlin
Description: Our language institute was founded in 1980 and has since developed into one of the largest private language schools in Berlin. The focus was always on teaching German as a foreign language.


  • General courses – from 195 Eur for 4 weeks

High-end German courses in Berlin

Goethe-Institut Berlin
Address: Neue Schönhauser Str. 20, 10178 Berlin
Description: Cosmopolitanism, culture, diversity: learn German in the heart of Berlin – and immerse yourself in the capital’s vibrant lifestyle!


  • Evening courses – from 700 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Intensive courses – from 1099 Eur for 4 weeks

F + U Academy of Languages
Address: Bernburger Str. 24-25, 10963 Berlin
Description: The non-profit F+U Group of Companies is one of the largest private education providers in Germany. It has centers throughout the Federal Republic as well as in other European countries and cooperates with state and private education providers all over the world. In the capital city, Berlin, F+U specializes in professional and continuing further education, as well as commercial retraining and qualifications.


  • General courses – from 600 Eur for 4 weeks
  • super-intensive course – from 1400 Eur for 4 weeks

All Onboard Language School Berlin
Address: Seestraße 27, 13353 Berlin
Description: We aim to deliver high-quality foreign language communication skills. We offer interactive, personalized training in a friendly atmosphere at an affordable price.


  • Intensive visa course – from 464 Eur for 4 weeks
  • General courses – from 325 Eur for 4 weeks

Address: Hauptstraße 23-24, 10827 Berlin
Description: In the Schöneberg district, a stone’s throw from the main attractions of the capital, our language school offers students a unique opportunity to attend German classes in one of the most beautiful areas of the city.


  • General courses – from 560 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Intensive course – from 680 Eur for 4 weeks
  • telc exam preparation course – from 1160 Eur for 4 weeks

German classes in other German cities

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