Top 120 German courses in Germany

A full list of 120 German courses and language schools in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne and Stuttgart with their prices, course types, addresses, and websites.

German courses are effective

Language schools are one of the most effective ways to learn German. If you are lucky to pick the right school with great teachers, attend the classes consistently over time, diligently do all the homework and, perhaps, even put in a bit of extra effort on your own, you’d make visible, significant progress from day 1.

Researching and finding the right school takes effort. There are many variables to take into consideration:

  • Where in Germany do you want to learn German?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Do you need a visa to come to Germany?
  • In which district in the city of choice do you want your school to be located?

Intensive vs. standard vs. visa courses

One important decision you need to make when choosing a school is whether you want to do an intensive course or a standard course (also sometimes called a general course).

Intensive courses are usually fast-paced courses that last with 3 to 4 hour-long classes 4 to 5 days a week. Attending such a course would get you to B1 in German within 4-6 months. Such courses are more expensive as well. Intensive courses are like part-time jobs. If you are dedicated and put in some extra work, then they can easily feel like a full-time commitment.

The downside of such courses is that they are insanely fast and you’ll get information overload. You’ll hardly have time to reinforce what you learn. So unless you start applying what you learn immediately after the course, you’re likely to forget a lot if not most of what you’ve learned.

Standard courses are much more forgiving in the sense that the pace is manageable. It’s usually 1 to 3 classes per week. As a rule, each class is 90 to 120 minutes. You have break days in-between what theoretically allows you to do some extra work and reinforce what you learn. So do choose wisely.

Visa courses are semi-intensive or intensive courses that fulfill the hourly requirements of German law. That, in turn, makes the participants eligible for a language learning Schengen visa.

How the list is organized

  • The list is broken down into top 6 German cities
  • Schools are grouped by pricing – cheap (up to 300 Eur per month) or premium (more than 300 per month).
  • Each school comes with its name, description, course types, prices, and a link to its website

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