Best 20 German courses in Hamburg

Here is a list of top 20 German language schools in Hamburg ranked from affordable to high-end. I curated each school, the quality of their teaching based on student reviews, their websites and many other criteria to pick the top German-language schools and courses in Hamburg.

German courses in Hamburg - skyline Hamburg
Hamburg is an international city full of exciting activities and attractions!

How this list is organized?

  • Schools are grouped by pricing – cheap (up to 300 Eur per month) or premium (more than 300 per month).
  • Each school comes with its name, address, description, course types, prices, and a link to its website

Cheap German courses in Hamburg

DeutschAkademie Language School Hamburg
Address: Mönckebergstraße 11, 20095 Hamburg, Germany
Description: Our language school in Hamburg would like to offer you a high-quality German course at a very reasonable price – right in the center of Hamburg!

  • Intensive course – from 295 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Grammar course – from 147,50 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Conversation course – from 147,50 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Intensive course – from 390 Eur for 4 weeks

German language school in Hamburg
Address: Schopenstehl 32-33, 20095 Hamburg, Germany
Description: Most effective Teaching Method in Hamburg: Learn German only in 4 months. Learn A1, A2, B1, B2.1.


  • Intensive course – from 165 Eur for 4 weeks

Evolanguage language school Hamburg
Address: Plan 6, 20095 Hamburg, Germany
Description: The special feature of Evolanguage language schools in Germany: in our intensive courses you can progress 1 level of the Common European Framework (A1-C2)


  • German intensive course – from 550 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Classic German course – from 440 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Basic German course – from 170 Eur for 4 weeks

Germania Akademie Hamburg
Address: Gänsemarkt 44, 20354 Hamburg, Germany
Description: Teaching German is our passion. We want to encourage you to learn the German language with fast results in a family-like atmosphere.


  • Basic Intensive course – from 448 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Intensive Diploma course – from 448 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Evening Intensive course – from 250 Eur for 4 weeks

Colón Language Center
Address: Colonnaden 96, 20354 Hamburg, Germany
Description: Germany is a land of culture with a beautiful romantic landscape and interesting towns with sensational historic monuments and tourist attractions. Hamburg, which lies in the northern part of Germany, is both a beautiful and international city where people speak High-German without any area dialects.


  • Professional Course – from 641 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Business Course – from 155 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Intensive Course – from 470 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Semi-intensive Course – from 270 Eur for 4 weeks

Berlitz Language Center Hamburg
Address: Kurze Mühren 2, 20095 Hamburg, Germany
Description: In your Berlitz course, you’ll only speak and hear your target language. This immersive experience allows you to overcome any inhibitions about speaking and apply your new skills in everyday situations. Our classes are designed for adults who wish to learn how to communicate effectively in their chosen language.


  • Intensive German courses (prices on request)

Hallo Hamburg! Deutschkurse
Address: Wrangelstraße 65, 20253 Hamburg, Germany
Description: Our main goal is that students attain the correct use of foreign language in real communicative situations. Our method is aimed at developing the four skills, putting special emphasis on Oral Expression since the first lesson hour. Language is taught in a soothing environment, with a communication-oriented learning process and in compliance with the Common European Framework of Reference recommendations.


  • Intensive German – from 6 Eur for a 45-minute lesson

Sprachschule Aktiv Hamburg
Address: Grosser Burstah 25, Hamburg 20457, Germany
Description: Our language courses in Hamburg – 39 languages to choose from. Not only can you learn the common languages with us, but also many exotic ones. So, if you want to learn Arabic, Polish, Russian, Persian, Estonian, Croatian, Hungarian or any other unusual language, you’ve come to the right place. We offer language courses for beginners and advanced students in Hamburg


  • German Intensive Course – from 239 Eur for 4 weeks
  • German evening Course – from 299 Eur for 4 weeks

Crisol e.V. language school
Address: Gotenstraße 20, 20097 Hamburg, Germany
Description: At Crisol we make learning fun! Learn Spanish, Portuguese or German in small groups led by experienced native speakers with university qualification. We place great emphasis on the qualification and teaching experience of our teachers and conduct regular quality checks in the classroom.


  • General German Course – from 150 Eur for 4 weeks

Premium German courses in Hamburg

Address: Schanzenstraße 75, 20259 Hamburg, Germany
Description: Book your German course in Hamburg and connect the language course with life in Germany. Motivated teachers and small groups guarantee success.


  • Intensive course – from 520 Eur for 4 weeks

Tandem Hamburg International Language School e.V.
Address: Steinhöft 5-7, 20459 Hamburg, Germany
Description: Our German intensive courses will help you get into the German language and culture swiftly and successfully. Our keen and excellent language trainers teach in small groups and give expert support for the four language skills listening and reading comprehension, writing, and especially, speaking.


  • Intensive (A1 to B1) – from 520 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Intensive (B2 and C1) – from 650 Eur for 4 weeks

did deutsch-institut Hamburg
Address: Esplanade 6, 20354 Hamburg, Germany
Description: We carry our company’s philosophy in our name: did means deutsch in deutschland (German in Germany) and this is our motto since the establishing of the company in 1970. We only focus on teaching German as a Foreign Language, and today more than ever we are convinced about the future prospects of our goal: The easiest way to study the German language is here with us in Germany!


  • Standard Course – from 740 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Intensive Course – from 880 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Premium Course – from 1140 Eur for 4 weeks

Goethe-Institut Hamburg Sprachschule
Address: Hühnerposten 1, 20097 Hamburg, Germany
Description: The Goethe-Institut is the Republic of Germany’s official cultural institute. With around 270,000 course participants annually, it is the largest provider of German courses worldwide.


  • Intensive Course – from 1099 Eur for 4 weeks

Katus Language Training & Services
Address: Poelchaukamp 4, 22301 Hamburg, Germany
Description: With Katus you don’t just get German lessons—you get an English language support team. Our friendly and professional trainers are there for you and your company. Our flexibility and responsiveness are unparalleled.


  • Professional Course – from 400 Eur for 4 weeks

UNS – Deutsch für Studium und Beruf
Address: Hoheluftchaussee 108, 20253 Hamburg, Germany
Description: University Service offers you the next German courses that prepare for study and the most important tests for free, individual student counseling. We’re trying your questions on the topics of study, application, visa and proof of language proficiency in person or by e-mail to answer.


  • German Intensive Course – from 450 Eur for 4 weeks
  • General Course – from 400 Eur for 4 weeks

Sprachkurse & berufliche Weiterbildung in Hamburg-Eppendorf | IQ
Address: Eppendorfer Landstraße 31, 20249 Hamburg, Germany
Description: Come to the IQ language school in Hamburg-Eppendorf! We offer the optimal course for improving your professional skills. Our wide range of courses has been designed to take your individual requirements into account.


  • Beginner Course – from 460 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Advanced German – from 520 Eur for 4 weeks

Institute4Languages Sprachschule Hamburg
Address: Pickhuben 6, 20457 Hamburg, Germany
Description: At Institute4Languages, our attention is focused first and foremost on our learners’ needs. Whether brushing up on existing language skills, learning a whole new language or refining language skills for a specific purpose, we provide language training targeted to course participants’ specific learning goals.


  • Intensive course – from 310 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Grammar course – from 350 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Intensive course – from 400 Eur for 4 weeks

Courses in other German cities

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