Best 20 German courses in Munich

Here is a list of top 20 German language schools in Munich ranked from affordable to high-end. I curated each school, the quality of their teaching based on student reviews, their websites and many other criteria to pick the top German-language schools and courses in Munich.

German courses in Munich
Munich is beautiful city to learn German in. Only 1 hour away from the mountains!

How this list is organized?

  • The language schools are grouped by pricing – cheap (up to 400 Eur per month) or high-end (more than 400 per month).
  • Each school comes with its name, address, description, course types, 4-week prices, and a link to its website

Cheap German Courses in Munich

Deutsch Akademie – Munich
Address: Schwanthalerstraße 10, 80336 München, Germany
Description: Your German course will take place right in the center of Munich, close to the Stachus. You can reach us quickly and easily and you don’t lose any valuable time. After your course, you will have the opportunity to discover Munich, the capital city of Bavaria.


  • Intensive course – from 295 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Evening course – from 325 Eur for 4 weeks

Evolanguage center Munich
Address: Paul-Heyse-Straße 6, 80336 München, Germany
Description: Discover the wonders of the German language with quality and affordable courses at EVOLANGUAGE schools. We believe that your learning experience should combine demanding study with a sense of fun, and tailor our German courses to suit the 21st-century student. The special feature of Evolanguage language schools in Germany: in our intensive courses you can progress 1 level of the Common European Framework (A1-A1.2) within 4 weeks


  • German intensive course – from 550 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Classic German course – from 440 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Basic German course – from 170 Eur for 4 weeks

TANDEM language school Munich
Address: Kurfürstenpl. 5, 80796 München, Germany
Description: For 30 years now, we have been offering highly successful German courses in Munich (German as a Foreign Language). Our wide range of options includes intensive courses, summer courses, evening courses, TestDaF and telc B2 exam preparation courses, one-on-one courses and much more.


  • General courses – from 360 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Evening courses – from 148 Eur for 4 weeks
  • TELC exam preparation course – from 245 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Super intensive course – from 830 Eur for 4 weeks

Sprachschule Aktiv Munich
Address: Heßstraße 90, 80797 München, Germany
Description: German courses in Munich for beginners and advanced. Maximum 10 participants per German course. 1 month German course from 289 €. Learn German in Germany! German language courses in Munich: Our German language school “Sprachschule Aktiv” is your specialist for the German language.


  • German Intensive Course – from 499 Eur for 4 weeks
  • German group courses – from 279 Eur for 4 weeks

Carl Duisberg Centrum München
Address: Pfänderstraße 6-10, 80636 München, Germany
Description: The Carl Duisberg Training Center Munich is located in the west near the city center. It is close to public transport and to the University of Applied Sciences. Munich University, the Schwabing student district and the English Garden are also nearby. Our training center has 21 seminar rooms, a “Lernstudio” and a party room. We have vending machines for hot and cold drinks as well as a cafeteria serving snacks and drinks in the mornings for our international students. Our training center in Munich is especially convenient, as there is a residence for students on the premises.


  • German Intensive Course – from 200 Eur per week
  • German Crash Course – from 660 Eur per week

Inlingua Munich
Address: Sendlinger-Tor-Platz 6, 80336 München, Germany
Description: Our core strengths are the inlingua method and materials, which provide the quickest and most effective approach for all language learning objectives. The method is backed by a dedicated team of inlingua trainers and support staff, who further an enabling environment for successful language acquisition. During our classes, the main focus is the spoken language. The inlingua Method focuses on your oral skills first, followed by improving your reading, listening and writing skills. You will learn the language by speaking it – all according to your personal needs.


  • Intensive courses – from 610 Eur per month
  • Evening courses – from 220 Eur per month

SDI München/University of Applied Languages
Address: Baierbrunner Str. 28, 81379 München, Germany
Description: Learn German at Europe’s leading institute for languages and communication. The SDI has been offering excellent language courses to students from many countries for more than 60 years.


  • Intensive Course – from 400 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Regular Course – from 350 Eur for 4 weeks

Edeltraud – Deutsche Sprache und Kultur
Address: Landwehrstraße 44, 80336 München, Germany
Description: We offer German courses for the levels A1 – C2 for the best price in Munich in small international groups with dedicated teachers. Improve your spoken German at excursions, book clubs, movie clubs, brunches or sports. Edeltraud stands for learning success, fun and friendship in Munich.


  • Regular Course – 250 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Evening Course – 140 Eur for 4 weeks

Axioma Deutschkurs München
Address: Türkenstraße 72, 80799 München, Germany
Description: The Axioma Language School has specialized in helping people to learn German the proper way right when they first start. It may seem practical to acquire a new language through daily life. Indeed, in order to solidify and train one’s knowledge of German it is strongly recommended to use German grammar and phonetics on a daily basis


  • Standard Course – 370 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Intensive Course – 440 Eur for 4 weeks

Sprachcaffe Munich – Language School
Address: Karl-Theodor-Straße 93, 80796 München, Germany
Description: Sprachcaffe is all about learning languages in a relaxed atmosphere – in Munich, Frankfurt and many other countries around the globe including Malta, England, USA, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, China and even Cuba.


  • Intensive courses – 320 Eur for 4 weeks

High-end German courses in Munich

Munich Goethe Institute language school
Address: Rablstraße 24, 81669 München, Germany
Description: FC Bayern, beer garden flair, modern urbanity: learn German in Munich – open up entirely new perspectives with a view to the Alps!


  • Evening courses – from 600 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Intensive courses – from 1099 Eur for 4 weeks

Did deutsch-Institut München
Address: Arnulfstraße 10, 80335 München, Germany
Description: It is best to learn German in the country where the language is spoken. This has been our motto since 1970 and every year over 8,000 participants successfully learn German in one of our exciting course locations in Germany and Austria. Munich is the home of many well-known tourist attractions, including Octoberfest and the English Garden, and is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Only a few minutes from the famous Stachus (city square) and in the main train station’s immediate neighborhood, our institute is very conveniently located.


  • Standard Course – from 740 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Intensive Course – from 880 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Premium Course – from 1140 Eur for 4 weeks

German courses at the University of Munich
Address: Agnesstraße 27, 80798 München, Germany
Description: We are one of the largest language teaching and test centers in Munich. We have been running courses in German as a foreign language for over 60 years. In close cooperation with Munich universities and on behalf of the LMU Munich.


  • Standard Course – from 570 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Evening course super-intensive – from 485 Eur for 4 weeks

Alinguas Sprachschule München
Address: Hohenzollernpl. 5, 80796 München, Germany
Description: You can choose to learn in private lessons, in a pair of two or in small groups of 4 up to 12, in summer up to 14 students. Simply listening to a teacher or learning rules of grammar will not lead to language fluency, learning by doing is the name of the game! Only by speaking a new language you will truly learn it. Due to the fact that our groups in Alinguas language school Munich are customized, you will have plenty of opportunities to apply the knowledge you will learn.


  • 4-week intensive courses – from 490 Eur
  • 8-week evening courses 2x per week – from 420 Eur

Dillingua languages ​​and seminars
Address: Sonnenstraße 23, 80331 München, Germany
Description: Our highly- experienced teachers specialize in interactive teaching styles to help you make rapid linguistic progress. This means you’ll have lots of fun, in private sessions or online -classes and be able to improve and learn quickly German.


  • Intensive Course – from 459 Eur for 4 weeks

ASL Internationale Sprachenschule Deutschkurs München
Address: Leopoldstraße 32, 80802 München, Germany
Description: ASL is a language institute located in Munich and having more than 35 years of experience in teaching German as a Foreign Language. Our school is known for creating a pleasant learning environment which ensures that the students can learn German quickly and effectively.


  • Intensive courses – 440 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Super-intensive course – 440 Eur for 4 weeks
  • German for medical staff – 960 Eur for 4 weeks

Humboldt-Institut Munich
Address: St.-Wolfgangs-Platz 11, 81669 München
Description: Our German courses in Munich are held in the Don Bosco youth hostel near the center. The school’s wonderful location very close to downtown, yet in a very quiet neighborhood and surrounded by its fantastic sports and recreational facilities, make it the perfect place for students who wish to study in a big city, yet prefer the tranquility and convenience of a residential campus. The lessons are held in friendly, well-equipped classrooms on the very same premises where our students are housed.


  • Intensive 6-week course – from 5580 Eur
  • Intensive 3-week course – from 2940 Eur

Studio NaVivo, Giulia Pulizzotto
Address: Von-der-Pfordten-Straße 12, 80687 München, Germany
Description: People learn languages in different ways. You might want to learn at your pace and you might want to save time and money, then nothing better than a language school. BUT if you want to be proficient sooner and you want to make the best use of your money then you must book a private teacher.


  • 1×1 personal tutoring – from 40 Eur per 45 minutes
  • in groups of 2 – from 30 Eur per 45 minutes

Prisma e.V. SprachenschuleI Language Institute
Address: Schwanthalerstraße 91, 80336 München, Germany
Description: Do you want to attend German, English, Spanish or Greek courses in Munich, take the internationally recognized exam TELC and is professionalism very important for you? Then you are in good hands with Prisma e V. in Munich.


  • Standard Course – 470 Eur for 4 weeks
  • Premium Course – 740 Eur for 4 weeks

Courses in other German cities

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