Best 20 German courses in Stuttgart

Here is a list of top 20 German language schools in Stuttgart ranked from affordable to high-end. I curated each school, the quality of their teaching based on student reviews, their websites and many other criteria to pick the top German-language schools and courses in Stuttgart.

German courses in Stuttgart
Stuttgart is a historic city, home to Daimler and has a mesmerizing nature!

How this list is organized?

  • Schools are grouped by pricing – cheap (up to 300 Eur per month) or premium (more than 300 per month).
  • Each school comes with its name, address, description, course types, prices, and a link to its website

Cheap German Courses in Stuttgart

Tricos GbR – Sprachschule
Address: Fritz-Elsas-Straße 60, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany 
Description: Our language school in Stuttgart and Heilbronn, capital of the southern state of Baden-Württemberg, offers you a variety of further education at the highest level.


  • Standard Course – 230 Eur
  • Intensive Course – 299 Eur

German Institute Stuttgart
Address: Tübinger Str. 27, 70178 Stuttgart, Germany
Description: Would you like to learn German in a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere? Are you looking for an interesting, systematic German course in Stuttgart? Then become one of many satisfied learners from the German School German Institute!


  • Evening Course – 280 Eur
  • Intensive course – 380 Eur

German Academy Language School
Address: Tübinger Str. 27, 70178 Stuttgart, Germany 
Description: Most effective Teaching Method in Germany: Learn German only in 4 months. Learn A1, A2, B1, B2


  • Intensive course – From 165 Eur

Anglo-german institute
Address: Friedrichstraße 35, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany
Description: For over 45 years we’ve been the language school for people and companies in and around Stuttgart. Our personalized and modern methods target individuals’ needs for efficient learning that lasts. What we offer: the depth and breadth of knowledge conveyed efficiently. Our secret to success: experiencing the joy of language together.


  • Intensive Course – 684 Eur
  • Intensive Course Plus – 684 Eur
  • Evening Course – 200 Eur
  • integration Course – 195 Eur

InterActiva German course
Address: Silberburgstraße 49,70176 Stuttgart, Germany
Description: Our highly qualified German teachers are all native speakers of German and provide you with subject-related vocabulary and terms as well as grammatical structures and culture-specific knowledge for successful language skills in German. You will learn to discuss specific solutions to your professional context in German and to express yourself efficiently.


  • German Intensive Course – 499 Eur
  • Semi-intensive course – 279 Eur

Stuttgart Language Center – Berlitz
Address: Königstraße 82, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany
Description: In your Berlitz course, you’ll only speak and hear your target language. This immersive experience allows you to overcome any inhibitions about speaking and apply your new skills in everyday situations. Our classes are designed for adults who wish to learn how to communicate effectively in their chosen language.


  • Group and private courses – prices available on request

Ifa Akademie
Address: Charlottenpl. 17, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany
Description: ifa Akademie is your competent partner for German courses, seminars and training in the field of culture and education. As the academy of the ifa e.V. in Stuttgart, we are specialized in foreign cultural relations and educational policy.


  • Weekend courses – 299 Eur
  • Intensive courses – 439 Eur
  • Compact courses – 620 Eur

Address: Nadlerstraße 21, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany
Description: You’re looking for a German language course, which effectively promotes your language skills? A german course, that comprises more than learning vocabulary and cramming grammar? Come to Alinguas!


  • Intensive day time classes – From 610 Eur
  • Regular Course – 220 Eur

Deutsch-Amerikanisches Zentrum/James F. Byrnes Institute
Address: Charlottenpl. 17, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany
Description: The Deutsch-Amerikanisches Zentrum/James-F.-Byrnes-Institut is a non-profit, nonpartisan, cultural and educational institution in Stuttgart to support the German-American relations. 


  • German Standard course – 126 Eur

Premium German Courses in Stuttgart

Henke schulungen gGmbH
Address: Fritz-Elsas-Straße 38, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany
Description: As a recognised non-profit educational institution in the heart of Stuttgart, henke schulungen gGmbH does not pursue any commercial goals. First and foremost, we stand for promoting education and training as well as supporting the integration of resettlers, refugees and other immigrants. Your goals and aspirations are at the heart of everything we do.


  • Beginner level – 395 Eur
  • Intermediate level – 420 Eur

Deutschkolleg Stuttgart
Address: Allmandring 6, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany 
Description: Start learning German and learn new words and structures step-by-step. In manifold and varied situations you will practise your new language through speaking, reading, writing and listening. You will improve your skills constantly until you are able to express yourself freely and independently in German. Regular tests give you feedback about your personal progress.


  • Intensive Course – 410 Eur

Sprachschule Aktiv Stuttgart
Address: Schlossstraße 49, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany
Description: If you are new in Stuttgart and do not have a firm grasp on the German language, hurry now and attend a German course at the Sprachschule Aktiv in Stuttgart! Not only will a better knowledge of German be to your advantage professionally, it will also enable you to quickly access other people and their culture.


  • German intensive course – 399 Eur
  • German Evening course – 399 Eur

Henke schulungen GmbH
Address: Fritz-Elsas-Straße 38, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany
Description: Uniquely designed to meet your needs. Not content teaching to a standardized, pre-defined framework, we will work together with you to design a course unique to your company to address the individual needs and requests of your participants.


  • Intensive ( B1) – from Eur 520
  • Intensive (C1) – from Eur 650

Errington Language School GbR – Sprachschule
Address: Seidenstraße 53, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany
Description: We are a family-run business offering reasonable rates to learn a great variety of languages from native speakers or native speaker equivalents. Our fun and relaxed lessons are designed to meet your personal needs and maximize your speaking time.


  • Intermediate Course – 499 Eur
  • Basic Course – 399 Eur

LingoSkop Sprachtraining u. -services Pascal Stitz
Address: Fritz -Bauer -Straße 1, 70619 Stuttgart, Germany
Description: As an independent provider of language services, we offer professional solutions and approaches in this field. Our main focus is on language training (language courses and specialized training) in both German and English, translation services, proofreading.


  • Small Groups – 630 Eur
  • intensive Courses – 699 Eur

University of Hohenheim – Language Center
Address: Kirchnerstraße 3, 70599 Stuttgart, Germany
Description: Hohenheim’s Language Center offers students and staff the chance to obtain recognized additional qualifications in ten languages. Besides traditional language courses, language exams are also offered. The program takes place during the semester and is complemented by course projects.


  • Intensive Courses – 620 Eur

Goethe-Institut Schwäbisch Hall Sprachschule Deutschkurse
Address: Am Spitalbach 8, 74523 Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
Description: Cosmopolitanism, culture, diversity: learn German in the heart of Berlin – and immerse yourself in the capital’s vibrant lifestyle!


  • Evening courses – from 600 Eur
  • Intensive courses – from 999 Eur

German Courses in Other German Cities

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