1000 German words you need to learn - book cover.

The ultimate exercise book for German Vocabulary

  • Ideal for A2-B2 learners

  • Powerful methodology to memorize vocabulary – figure out the vocabulary meaning through context

  • Make progress by studying only for 5-10 minutes a day

  • Learn 1000 practical German words with a particular focus on everyday vocabulary and business German

  • Learn bonus 200 practical phrases, idioms and collocations

  • built-in Spaced Repetition system – words are used repetitively across the book to help you practice and memorize them effectively

About the book

German is the second foreign language after English that I decided to bring to fluency. I prefer to learn languages by combining self-study and learning with a tutor. In the very beginning, I explored all the print and digital resources for German learners available online and in the book shops. I couldn’t find what I was looking for – many resources that I had when I was learning English were simply not available for German.

One such resource was an effective and engaging vocabulary exercise book. I scoured Amazon and bookstores in Berlin trying to find something like that. I could find frequency dictionaries, some complicated exercise books that would require a mountain of patience to tackle, and lots of resources for in-class learning. But nothing that satisfied my expectations.

As I reached the B2/C1 level, I realized that there must be thousands of German learners who are facing a similar problem. That’s why I created this exercise book. Something I wish I had when I was working hard to master advanced German vocabulary and boost my German skills.

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