Spaced Repetition App For German Vocabulary

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How kwiko works

Brain is forgetful

Your brain starts forgetting new words quickly unless you review them.

kwiko - how memory works
kwiko - spaced repetition

Timing is key

If you review these words at the right time and frequency, you will retain them for the long-term.

Hack your brain with kwiko

kwiko takes care of your review sessions and sets the best time to study each word.

kwiko - spaced repetition

Learn more about how kwiko works

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Easily add your own vocabulary to the app

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Discover Practical Daily Life Vocabulary​

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Learn effectively with bite-sized quizzes

Optimized for long-term vocabulary retention

Designed to make learning German vocabulary easy

  • Minimalist design focused on language learning
  • Smart Notifications help you stay on track
  • App adapts to your learning style
  • Provides instant feedback on your progress
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User reviews

What people say?

When I read about kwiko, how it uses the spatial repetition strategy, why it works and that it was FREE I couldn’t believe it. It’s changed my life so much! I rave about it to everyone
B1 German learner
I’ve been searching for such an app for so long. A simple, effective app with minimalist design focused on vocabulary. It's very intuitive. I recommend it to everyone that want to learn German
A2 German Learner

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